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Tk Coyote
2 January 1980
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Hello readers and friends! I am Tk as you have probably figured out. I am currently 33 years old! I love to travel when time permits, and plan on making many driving trips to local area furs as time allows. I've met many dear friends from live journal and it's been quite wonderful! In case you didn't know, I'm a Furry...a Coyote to be exact! I'm all yote, though I'm told sometimes I act like a husky. Some would argue I am 100% Puppy for various reasons. ;)

I have several interest which are both furry and non-furry. Many are listed, many are not. I am a very open-minded guy. Some have even said I'm a little "TOO" accepting, as if there were such a thing. ^_^ I am not someone who puts others down based on their beliefs, likes, or dislikes. I try to live life as free as I can, enjoying the peace and pleasures provided all around. I love to chat, and there are no limits to what I will chat about! Except, no gossiping please. C'mon! We're better than that, right? If you are curious...go to the source and find out. Don't go spreading 'what-ifs' about people you may or may not even know. I will also respect your privacy and not share information you've given unless stated it's public knowledge.

I am a rather playful canine as well...online and offline alike. I enjoy the great outdoors, and LOVE playing outdoor and indoor games as well! So long as we're all having a great time, that's all that matters. :) Fun can be as simple as staying in and watching a movie or going for a walk or hike on the countryside.

I am a little shy about some things. Fursuits for example! I LOOOOOVE them to death, but I get very shy around em. I would NEVER turn down a hug though, from anyone in or out of suit. :) I'm fairly laid back and depending on how well I know you, I'm either very quiet or a chatterbox. Then again, we all have days when we just can't think of anything to say. ^_^ So don't be afraid! I'm open to talk to you about anything and everything!~

A bit more info for you: I love music of all types. I do not focus on one band, but rather individual songs. They are the only concert I've been to, and it was a wonderful experience. ^_^ I very much enjoy cold weather! Strike that, cold California weather. I enjoy our winters and cherish them when they were here, but I am NOT looking forward to Wisconsin winters. I enjoy the outdoors a great deal, camping, hiking, surfing, sleeping outside, and given whom I'm with, I enjoy snuggling up as well! Anyways, I do love the outdoors and everything about it. ^_^ I am currently furloughed from my job at the IRS and am looking for something more stable...perhaps in a different field. I also enjoy going to the movies. I'm not picky about them either...I'll watch anything! I do tend to be discouraged from some films, but if someone wants to watch it with me, I'm all for it! I play video games as well whenever there's time. Among my favorites are Rock Band, The Sims, Civilization, League of Legends and a few others! I don't spend much time playing them...besides, I'd much rather be hanging out with a floofy than playing games all day.

As said earlier, I love chatting, and you can find me on AIM most of the time, and on occasion, Yahoo or Skype. I'm online often these days, being out of work and all. So please! If you'd like to chat or get to know each other, by all means, please don't be afraid! I promise not to bite...unless I know you well enough to know better. ^^

So that's about it I guess. There's lots to know about me, and I'd like to know more about you if you'd be interested in sharing. Hope to hear from you! Take care folks! So, welcome to my LiveJournal! Please excuse the mess, I'm constantly improving my life so a little construction is necessary.. ;)

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FCWf4a A+ C+ D++ H++ M- P+ R T+++ W Z Sm++ RLFB* a cn++++ d e+ f+++ h++ iwf+ j+ p- sm++

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